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Years Of Experience

We Go Above and Beyond!

If you’re looking for outstanding quality in shingle roofing, flat roofing, roof repair, and exterior improvements, such as new vinyl siding, Skyview’s professionals will answer all your questions, inspect your property thoroughly, and review all of your options.
When it Comes to Your Property, Reach for Skyview
Your roof functions as a sunshade for your home or commercial property. A good roof shields your property from driving rains and hail. If it’s aging or damaged, consider a roof replacement by Skyview. It’s one of the best investments you can make!
Roof repairs, tune-ups, and roof maintenance and service… Skyview services all components of an existing roof, including shingles, metal, gutters, ventilation, flashing, and insulation. When property owners in Rhode Island need roof repairs, they contact us.
The siding on your home or building is often the first feature people notice. Damage to siding is an eyesore. Increase your curbside appeal with low-maintenance vinyl siding. Skyview Exteriors knows how to repair and replace siding using fine products and meticulous workmanship.
Don’t overlook gutters when investing in a new roof or making roof repairs. Gutters protect your roof, siding and building foundation from destructive water damage. In Rhode Island, that’s especially important! For gutter repairs and replacements contact Skyview Exteriors.
The sun provides more than a nice tan, it also powers millions of homes across the US. Installing a solar panel with Skyview saves you greatly on monthly electric bills, causes fewer blackouts at your home and looks elegant on your property to anyone pulling up in the driveway!
Has your roof sprung a leak? Is it streaked with mold or mildew? Is your roof collecting water? Let us conduct a professional roofing inspection. Our trained professionals will inspect the structural integrity of the roof and advise you on any repairs needed. Neglecting a simple and affordable roof inspection could mean costly damage!
Why Choose Skyview Exteriors?

When you call Skyview Exteriors, you will talk to one of our friendly office staff. You will be given a quick and convenient time to meet at your location to inspect and quote on the job.

We have over 20 years of roofing construction experience. Our commercial and residential crews service Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We can provide you with a free home or office inspection and outline the costs of any repairs or new installations needed. If your roof is fine, we’ll tell you so. We never “upsell” or mislead customers.

Skyview goes the extra step to provide our clients with detailed drone images of their roofs. It’s our goal to serve you for years to come by building a relationship based on openness, honesty, clear communications and on-time, expert services.

Our Mission

At Skyview Exteriors, we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We will give you the earliest available appointment time to get the job done fast. The quote provided to you will detail all the steps of the roofing or siding installation process and it will itemize your costs for labor and materials. We show up on time and we finish on time. We can usually complete your repair or installation job within one business day… That’s our commitment to you.

You’re Backed By Our $20,000 Guarantee!

Always count on SKYVIEW EXTERIORS to deliver great value, and customer service. Now, to fully put your mind at ease, our work comes with a $20,000 guarantee!

If anything goes wrong, such as damage to your property, faulty workmanship, or incomplete work, you’re covered because SKYVIEW EXTERIORS is a Directorii-approved contractor.

Our $20,000 protection guarantee. Just another great reason to choose SKYVIEW EXTERIORS!

financing options

Nobody should have to face the expense of a new roof, significant roof repairs, or any other pricey exterior renovation all at once. Great rates are available for property improvement projects from our reputable finance partner.

What our clients say

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You deserve great work. Your property deserves the utmost care and quality construction. Skyview Exteriors is the company you can trust to get the job done right and at a fair price.

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“…Showing customers quality over quantity showed trust and lead to happy clients in the long run.”

Edwin Leonardo


Meet The Owner

What's your favorite aspect of Skyview

My favorite aspect of Skyview Exteriors has been helping my father go from being a laborer to a business owner. My father Ricardo Leonardo immigrated from The Dominican Republic to start working as a laborer in roofing and other construction projects. His dream has always been to own his own company. In 2017 my father and I teamed up to start our own company. Successfully running a business on his knowledge and experience and my ideas after graduation from URI as a business major.

What previous work experiences/lessons have you incorporated into Skyview?

Working at Cardis Furniture as a Salesman is something I incorporated into Skyview. Showing customers quality over quantity showed trust and lead to happy clients in the long run. We do the same with our roofing systems at Skyview Exteriors.

What do you look for in Skyview employees?

We look for employees with a passion for learning. Our goal is to keep learning every day to be better than they were yesterday.

How do you spend your spare time?

In my spare time, I like to go to roofing events to further my knowledge and share experiences with roofers from all over the United States. Keeping an open mind has helped me think outside the box when encountering a difficult challenge.

Where do you see Skyview in a decade?

In a decade, I see Skyview Exteriors with many employees working and having multiple offices in RI & MA.

Why do you think people call for Skyview over other services?

People call Skyview Exteriors mostly from word-of-mouth referrals.
We take the time to educate our clients to know when they need to call and how we can help.